Our Expertise


Our technology produces the best of  cannabis sativa L.
All HemPoland products meet the CBD content indicated on the packaging and comply with all necessary safety standards.

Our facility is certified ISO 9001 and our Quality Management System guarantees final product consistency. 

R&D CBD Oil laboratory

There is no innovation without Research and Development. HemPoland’s team of scientific researchers form a leadership position in the cannabis industry and beyond. 


With a capacity of 100 litres each, two individual extraction units process over a dozen tons of dried hemp per month.
The extraction process is conducted using the SFE (Supercritical Fluid Extraction) method with supercritical CO2. SFE is the name of a whole group of innovative technologies applying supercritical fluids to produce plant extracts and essential oils.
CO2 extraction tank

CO2 extraction is considered to be part of green chemistry. Compared with other extract production methods, it is environmentally-friendly.

There is no toxic industrial effluent that generates environmental degradation and the design of the carbon dioxide extraction machinery allows for circulation in a closed circuit configuration. This minimises CO2 use and emissions.


The analytical laboratory of HemPoland is equipped with several liquid (HPLC) and gas (GC) chromatograph units. They are used daily to perform the analyses of our products at various stages of production. 

Hempoland also cooperates with independent, accredited external laboratories, to verify the quality of its extracts and products.

Changing market trends and legislation influence the demands of our business partners. These challenges are a source of necessity for us to modify hemp extracts. 

We are able to refine our extracts to the level of required legislation thanks to top-class equipment from renowned manufacturers. 

CBD oil raw material
CO2 unit
CBD Isolate
CBD oil droppers


The high standard of our products is guaranteed by Good Hygienic Practice (GHP),  Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and HemPoland certificates, including ISO 9001 : 2015 and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) confirmed by Lloyd’s Register.

ISO 9001
CBD Isolate
CBD concentrate
CBG oil concentrated
CBD oil concentrated
Sativa L raw material
Hemp raw material
Hemp raw material
Hemp raw material


Our experimental laboratory, which is a part of the R&D centre, is equipped with molecular distillation (enabling work in deep vacuum), Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC) also known as countercurrent chromatography and several lines for crystallisation of extracted substances, as well as other devices. 

Our analytical laboratory is equipped with liquid (HPLC) and gas (GC) chromatographs, which allow us to analyse the results of experiments in real time.