TERMS AND CONDITIONS of www.hempoland.eu

dated 18 December 2020

Below you can find the terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) of the website available at www.hempoland.eu (“Website”). Please read these Terms and Conditions, together with our Privacy Policy.

Our Terms and Conditions contain the following information:

I. About us

II. Definitions

III. General provisions

IV. Terms of use of the Website

V. Complaint procedure

VI. Personal data processing

VII. Final provisions


The Website is operated by HemPoland spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with its registered office at Władysławowo (82-300), Władysławowo 30A, recorded in the register of business organisations of the National Court Register in Olsztyn, Commercial Division 8 – National Court Register, entry number 0000534517, Polish business identification number REGON 360289332, Polish tax identification number NIP 5783115991, initial company share capital PLN 1,000,000.00 fully paid-up, email address: info@hempoland.eu, telephone number +48 668 097 775 (hereinafter referred to as “HemPoland”).

HemPoland is a manufacturer and distributor of the highest quality CBD products, such as food supplements and cosmetics, and the owner of the CannabiGold brand.


The following meanings shall be assigned to the terms used in these Terms and Conditions:

  • User – a natural person, legal person or organisational unit without legal personality granted legal capacity under specific provisions, using the functionalities of the Website;
  •  Website – the website available at www.hempoland.eu;
  • Terms and Conditions – these Terms and Conditions for the provision of electronic services via the Website. These Terms and Conditions are terms and conditions within the meaning of the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of services by electronic means (consolidated text: Journal of Laws [Dz.U.] of 2020, item 344).


  1. The Terms and Conditions define the rules of using the Website available at www.hempoland.eu.
  2. The Website available at www.hempoland.eu is operated by HemPoland.
  3. The Terms and Conditions define the rules of providing electronic services via the Website.
  4. The use of the Website is possible provided that the IT system used by the User meets the following minimum technical requirements:
  5. Internet browser: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera.
  6. In order to use the Website, the User should have access to a computer station or end device with an Internet connection.
  7. The Users can access these Terms and Conditions at any time via a link on the home page of the Website. The Users can also download and print them. Downloadable materials are available via a link at the bottom of the Website. The file with the Terms and Conditions is saved in PDF (Portable Document Format), which can be opened with the Adobe Acrobat Reader software available on the Adobe Systems Software website.


  1. HemPoland may deprive the User of the right to use the Website and may also limit the User’s access to a part or all of the Website resources, with immediate effect, if the User violates any of the Terms and Conditions, and in particular if the User acts in a way that is inconsistent with the applicable laws or general rules of Internet use or damages HemPoland’s good name.
  2. In order to ensure the security of transmission of messages and data in connection with the provision of services via the Website, the Seller shall take technical and organisational measures appropriate to the level of risk to the security of the services provided, in particular, measures preventing unauthorised collection and unauthorised modification of the personal data transmitted online.
  3. In particular, the User undertakes:
    • not to provide or disclose content that is prohibited by law, e.g. content that promotes violence, defames or violates personal interests and other rights of third parties,
    • to use the Website in a manner that does not interfere with its operation, in particular, by using specific software or devices;
    • to refrain from taking such measures as sending or posting unsolicited commercial information (spam) on the Website,
    • to use the Website in a manner that is not burdensome to other Users,
    • to use any content posted as part of the Website only for their own purposes,
    • to use the Website in a manner that is consistent with the generally applicable laws, the provisions of the Terms and Conditions and the general principles of using the Internet.
  4. The Seller uses cookies on its Website. The User may specify the terms and conditions of storing or accessing cookies in the User’s web browser. Information about cookies is included in the Privacy Policy.
  5. The Website allows communication with HemPoland. For this purpose, it is necessary to complete the appropriate fields in the contact form in the Contact tab and click the “Send message” button.


  1. HemPoland undertakes actions aimed at ensuring the proper functioning of the Website in the scope that results from current technical knowledge and undertakes to remove any irregularities reported by the Users within a reasonable period of time.
  2. The User should immediately notify HemPoland of any irregularities or disruptions in the functioning of the Website.
  3. Any irregularities related to the functioning of the Website should be reported by the User via email to info@hempoland.eu.
  4. The complaint submitted by the User should contain the User’s data, email address, type and date of irregularities related to the functioning of the Website.
  5. HemPoland undertakes to process each complaint within 14 days and, if this proves impossible, to inform the User at this time when the complaint is expected to be processed.


Personal data provided by the User on the Website shall be processed in accordance with all provisions that govern the processing of personal data, including in particular Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) (Official Journal of the European Union No. 119, p. 1, as amended) and the Act of 10 May 2018 on the Protection of Personal Data (consolidated text, Journal of Laws [Dz.U.] of 2019, item 1781). Details regarding the processing of personal data can be found in the Privacy Policy available on the Website


  1. The exclusive right to the content made available through the Website, in particular copyright, name of the Website, HemPoland’s trademarks, their graphic elements, software and rights to databases, shall be the property of HemPoland or its licensors and shall be protected accordingly.
  2. To all matters not regulated herein, the relevant provisions of law shall apply.
  3. The Terms and Conditions shall enter into force on 18 December 2020.