Quality by Design

Our technology has been developed in order to make the best of cannabis sativa. Every product by HemPoland contains the amount of CBD specified on its packaging and meets all safety standards for its category. This effect was achieved by designing manufacturing processes and methods on the basis of the Quality by Design concept, which arranges the production processes in such a way that high quality is built into the final effect by default. Our own analytical laboratory, which was established alongside our production plant, makes it easier for us to control hemp processing operations. We subject our extracts to follow-up analysis at each major stage of their production. Our experience in hemp cultivation and years of research allow us to consciously select the raw material for extraction in order to guarantee the quality of the final product – free of pesticides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, mycotoxins and heavy metals.


With a capacity of 100 litres each, two individual extraction sets process over a dozen tons of dried hemp per month at HemPoland. The extraction process of cannabis sativa is conducted using the SFE (Supercritical Fluid Extraction) method with supercritical CO2. SFE is the name of a whole group of innovative technologies applying supercritical fluids to produce plant extracts and essential oils, or to decaffeinate coffee.

Our first five-litre extractor, built in 2016 for the purposes of the first died hemp extractions at HemPoland, is still working. It is now a part of the equipment of our laboratory where we test new ideas for (not just) hemp products.

Green chemistry

CO2 extraction is considered to be part of the so-called green chemistry. Compared to other extracts production methods, it is very earth-friendly. It does not generate toxic industrial effluent that causes environmental degradation, and the design of the carbon dioxide extraction machinery allows for its circulation in a closed circuit, which minimises CO2 use and emissions.

Control of conditions

Supercritical CO2 extraction enables precise management of process conditions by selecting appropriate parameters such as temperature or pressure. There is no need to use high temperatures during SFE, a factor of special importance for cannabis sativa. While in other extraction methods the temperature may be as high as 100°C, it does not exceed 40°C during carbon dioxide extraction. Such gentle extraction is essential for hemp.

This is because high temperatures degrade valuable biological compounds of the plant, mainly due to oxidation and polymerisation, which creates a dark and bitter taste, a characteristic of extracts obtained with the solvent extraction method.

Multistage extraction

The composition of the extract is defined not only by the conditions of extraction. Multistage separation allows for additional control over the final effect at the next stage of the process. A separator allows us to obtain extract fractions varying in the content of active ingredients and to create specific extract combinations for new, innovative products.

Chromatographic techniques

The analytical laboratory of HemPoland is equipped with several liquid (HPLC) and gas (GC) chromatographs. We use them every day to perform dozens of analyses of our products at various stages of production. We also cooperate with independent, accredited external laboratories, which additionally verify the quality of HemPoland extracts and products.

Modification of extracts

Changing market trends and legislation influence the demands of our business partners. These challenges are a source of inspiration for us to modify hemp extracts. We are able to refine the extracts to the level of insulated substances thanks to top-class equipment from renowned manufacturers. The first stage of “improving” the extracts is winterisation (dewaxing), i.e. removing roughage, which is redundant and in some cases even undesirable. Thanks to dewaxing, the consistency of the extracts is significantly improved without negatively affecting their qualities. In the next stage, the extracts can be concentrated via molecular distillation. Under high vacuum conditions, undesirable substances can be evaporated from the extract, without degrading important compounds and using any solvents.

Thanks to chromatographic techniques, we are also able to isolate individual cannabinoids and obtain isolated compounds of the highest purity. This allows us to create pure cannabinoids and finished products free of any contamination, meeting strict legal requirements. By controlling the whole process of cannabis preparation, HemPoland has maximum flexibility in preparing products. We produce both full spectrum oils and products containing purified extracts and isolated cannabinoids. In each case, we take care of the highest quality and safety.

Quality Control

The high standard of our products is guaranteed by the good hygienic practice (GHP) and good manufacturing practice (GMP) and HemPoland certificates, including HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certificate for the production of essential oils based on edible oils and cannabis sativa extracts, issued by Lloyd’s Register. All of the bottled CannabiGold oils and Terpenes+ products are certified with the V-Label quality seal for vegetarian and vegan products. Moreover, we cooperate only with qualified suppliers of raw materials and packaging. We accept and process them only on the basis of required test specifications.


At HemPoland, we produce 60,000 finished goods per month and it takes us less than a week to make one bottle of CBD oil. Thanks to the full automation of packaging processes (pouring, labelling, packing), we are able to produce large volumes of private label and white label products as well as those of our own trademark.

Partner with HemPoland

Sell CannabiGold products. Enhance an existing product with pure, high-quality CBD, or partner with us to formulate new and unique private label CBD products for your brand. No matter your scale or requirements, we’re here to help.

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