Science of nature

We started as a group of people fascinated with the power of hemp. We chose a path where our products come from nature but are developed on the basis of science (in the strict sense of the word) and scientific experience. This required hundreds of experiments, tests and analyses, which pioneered the scientific knowledge of the time. We started by establishing our own raw material crops. Thanks to them, we were able to explore all possible factors that may influence the content and quality of our extracts – from selecting the right varieties of Cannabis sativa L., through choosing the time of harvesting, to using various techniques for drying the raw material for extraction. We empirically checked patterns of SFE (supercritical CO2) of cannabis sativa. These experiences enabled us to optimise our equipment and technology to obtain the best hemp extracts that are valued all over the world.

High Quality Knowledge

A day at HemPoland starts with a review of the latest scientific publications on cannabis and cannabinoids and ends with a summary of results of our own experiments. Every year we attend local and international conferences on cannabinoids. We participate in many of them as speakers, sharing our latest knowledge with other researchers.

We follow the current state of scientific knowledge on the medical and therapeutic use of cannabinoids. All this to ensure that our products reflect the highest quality knowledge and meet the needs of consumers.

HemPoland experts

Nearly half of the research team of the HemPoland Scientific Department have a PhD in chemical or pharmaceutical sciences. Our scientists are experts with many years of experience at managerial positions in large pharmaceutical companies and specialists with experience in international projects carried out in the most important research centres in the world. Jarosław Szufler, the founder and head of research and operational teams, is a graduate of the Medical University of Gdańsk with a PhD in pharmacy and an expert in separation (extraction and chromatography) and analysis techniques.

He is a co-author of many scientific articles on chromatographic research and an author of papers presented at national and international conferences. For the last few years, he has been using his knowledge to create the best possible hemp extracts. His sixteen years of experience in quality control and R&D in the pharmaceutical industry is a source of in-depth knowledge of the requirements and standards of medical products.

R&D Centre

Having our own R&D centre allows us to develop advanced technologies for the extraction and separation of cannabinoids and to create modern formulations based on selected biologically active ingredients. Our research centre has been designed in accordance with the highest safety standards and equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment for multistage extract processing. The experimental laboratory, which is a part of the R&D centre, has equipment for molecular distillation (enabling work in deep vacuum), centrifugal partition chromatography (CPC, also known as countercurrent chromatography), several lines for crystallisation of extracted substances, and other devices. Our analytical laboratory is also equipped with liquid (HPLC) and gas (GC) chromatographs, which allow us to analyse the results of experiments in real time.


Unlimited access to modern research infrastructure enables scientific creativity. It allows us to develop original methods of obtaining and testing cannabinoids and to immediately implement them. Thanks to this, the range of our capabilities is always expanding.

For our own purposes and those of our contractors, we create formulations of completely new products, such as supplements based on botanical ingredients, whose effects are synergistic to active ingredients of cannabis, food products such as chewing gums and CBD pills, and cosmetics. Nothing can surprise us when it comes to cannabis and its extraction.

Partner with HemPoland

Sell CannabiGold products. Enhance an existing product with pure, high-quality CBD, or partner with us to formulate new and unique private label CBD products for your brand. No matter your scale or requirements, we’re here to help.

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