The quality control process for hemp extracts containing natural Phytocannabinoids begins already at the stage of selecting certified seeds. HemPoland has tested over 20 strains of hemp, which allowed for the selection of plants with the most favourable cannabinoids profile.

During their growth and maturity periods, our plants are subject to rigorous tests on a regular basis, whereas the techniques of cultivation and harvest are constantly optimised to obtain the best quality material – all this has a direct impact on the quality of the final product.

In addition, to furtherly ensure their top quality, every day we conduct dozens of studies of the composition and the desired parameters of our extracts. It is precisely the analysis we conduct on our own combined with a broad network of external laboratories we cooperate with what guarantees that the final product we put on the market is characterised by the highest quality and purity. Thousands of experiments we have run and in-depth knowledge of the Cannabis let us conduct cannabinoid profile analysis far more detailed and of a much broader spectrum than most European laboratories do.

Quality, Food Safety, Staff Safety and Environmental Protection Policy


HemPoland Sp. z o.o. hereby declares that the overarching objective of our activity is to meet and satisfy the needs, requirements and expectations of our clients in the scope of ensuring full health safety of our products. We know that the highest quality of our products and services means a cutting edge over the competition, which is exactly why we continuously strive to improve our processes. We ensure the maintenance of the appropriate hygiene and sanitary standards for the HemPoland infrastructure. This goal is achieved by creating an appropriate organizational structure and full implementation of the principles of Good Hygienic Practice and Good Manufacturing Practice, as well as the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system, as the basic tools for ensuring health safety, in accordance with relevant guidelines of Codex Alimentarius, as recommended by World Health Organization.


We strive to base our activity on measurable facts and data:


  • ZERO accidents, breakdowns or environmental accidents at work,
  • Systematic threat evaluation and undertaking appropriate risk limiting measures,
  • Meeting the legal requirements and other food safety and environmental protection requirements,
  • 50% reduction of complaint levels year by year,
  • 100% timely and complete deliveries,
  • Systematic staff training and qualifications improvement,
  • Applying the most stringent standards and proven practices at a global level,
  • Being the customer choice,
  • Cooperation with reliable suppliers,
  • Improvement of infrastructure and production technology resources,
  • Monitoring and supervising the production process,
  • Day to day involvement of the employees in maintaining the quality and hygiene of performed work.


The implementation of the Food Safety Policy and the functioning of the system are systematically supervised through audits and management reviews. The company staff members are familiar with the policy and adhere to it, willingly undertaking and implementing all activities that guarantee the finished products’ health safety.

The safety and satisfaction of our customers are the key factor for the continuous company success and development.

We undertake to promote these principles among our employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners.


Date of issue: 09/07/2018