The environment is the foundation on which we build our present and our future. We are aware of the challenges of our times, so we work and create HemPoland in accordance with sustainability principles. We support our employees at every stage of their career based on the Employee Life Cycle model, because we believe that a strong entity is created by strong individuals.


HemPoland is a team of pioneers. We see each other as a team that strives to become not only a leader in the hemp industry, but also a leader among other dynamic and innovative businesses. We are happy when people that join HemPoland believe, just as we do, that the environment is our common treasure and the goal of economy is to improve the welfare of humanity. It is easy to find sincerity and solidarity in a team that shares common values. Diversity within these values is a source of creativity for us. Together we look for new ways and solutions.


Not every candidate has to know how CBD differs from CBDA, but every employee will learn the difference on their first day at work. Onboarding at HemPoland starts with a few hours’ training course on cannabinoids and hemp, prepared by our scientists. The three-month comprehensive implementation process guides new team members through all the secrets of our business – from goals and strategies to quality procedures, and from internal communication means and remote working to waste segregation rules in our offices.


HemPoland operates in dynamically changing economic realities. The hemp industry is not only one of the fastest growing economic sectors, but also a field of frequently changing legal and economic regulations. We are not a passive observer of these changes – we are a part of them. Modernity, innovation and science are our bread and butter. We do not give up on old proven methods. The fact that we look courageously into the future and feel a part of it does not derive from a desire to overthrow the old world. We want to build, develop, inspire and have our share in creating a new branch of economy on a European and global scale.

Team of individuals

HemPoland is mostly about people. It is not an empty declaration. Our team is dependent on our colleagues, their skills, interests and commitment. We make every effort to make each member of our organisation feel happy and ready to realise their dreams and to have a real impact on the success of HemPoland.

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