The environment is the foundation on which we build our present and our future, and a human being is an integral part of it. Aware of the challenges of our times, we are also implementing the idea of sustainable development in the area of human resource management. We support our employees based on the Employee Life Cycle model at every stage of their development in the organisation. This is because we believe that a strong whole is made of strong individuals.


HemPoland is a team of pioneers. We see each other as a team that is striving to become not only a leader in the hemp industry but also a leader among other dynamic and innovative businesses. We are happy when people that join HemPoland believe, just as we do, that the environment is our common treasure and the goal of the economy is to improve the welfare of humanity. It is easy to find sincerity and solidarity in a team that shares common values. For us, diversity within the boundaries of such values is a source of creativity. Together, we look for new methods and solutions.


Not every candidate has to know how CBD differs from CBDA, but every team member will learn the difference on their first day at work. Onboarding at HemPoland starts with a few hours of training on cannabinoids and hemp, prepared by our scientists. The three-month comprehensive implementation process guides new team members through all the secrets of our business – from goals and their implementation strategies to quality procedures, and from internal and external communication means and remote working details to the waste segregation rules in our offices.


HemPoland operates in dynamically changing economic realities. The hemp industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy, and as such, it is affected by frequent changes in legal and economic regulations. We are not a passive observers of these changes – we are proactive participants. Modernity, innovation and science are our bread and butter. We do not give up on old, proven methods. The fact that we look courageously into the future and feel a part of it does not derive from a desire to overthrow the old ways. We want to build, develop, inspire and have our share in creating a new branch of the economy on a European and global scale.

Change Management

Panta rhei (everything flows), said Heraclitus of Ephesus. Change is continuous. In the professional domain, change can be the start of cooperation, the new composition of teams, promotions, a fresh strategy or its modification, or new tools that we use. Processes and the approaches to the goal change. Change is also a new task for the team, termination of cooperation, and new circumstances in private life to which work should be adapted (as a company, we also want to assist our people in these areas). Optimisation and development are also examples of change! At HemPoland, we bravely welcome such changes, while not destroying the old, proven ways. How do we do this? We define how a specific change affects: an individual concerned, the entire organisation, teams and members of our organisation, and then, to support everyone involved, we plan specific steps, such as appropriate communication and ready-made solutions to change-related problems.

Why is change management a priority? Change is continuous, and work comfort is essential; that is why we talk openly and consciously about change. Our goal is to provide team members with a comfortable and cooperative workplace, offer them continuous development, commitment, satisfaction and a sense of security.


Values and priorities

The values and priorities that we follow in our daily life stem from our beliefs. First and foremost:

  • we are a Team!;
  • together, we have created a dynamic organisation the goal of which is to build a comfortable place for cooperation and everyday activities;
  • we strive to create the best atmosphere in our organisation;
  • we promote values: self-respect and respect for others;
  • we take care to ensure a smooth flow of knowledge and information.

In addition:

  • when carrying out tasks, we are not afraid of mistakes, we communicate at every stage, and we cooperate with each other; in other words, we work as a team, we support each other, we do not hesitate to ask for help;
  • together, we create an organisational culture that is consistent with the above values;
  • people and safety at work are our key priorities. We ensure safety through the involvement of all our colleagues in the process of continuous improvement of the safety culture.



In the recruitment process, we focus predominantly on mutual understanding. We make sure to precisely define the scope of activities and responsibilities within every job position and we are specific not only about our expectations but also our promises.

We are of the opinion that detailed (and not necessarily long) job advertisements and transparent communication in the recruitment process are the best way to attract and retain the best candidates. This is why we are never content with half measures and we always tell the truth. We start the recruitment process by interviewing the manager who is looking to expand their team because we want to delve into all of the tiny details of the position, as well as the requirements and expectations for the specific organisational role. In the job posting, we include everything that is important: we define our needs and organisational culture and we present our proposal for a new team member. We always define the “salary band” for the position, which is still a rare practice in recruitment, but which we consider a crucial message to emphasise the equality and transparency of our organisation. We are looking for resolute candidates.

During interviews, we are not afraid of “tough questions” because there are no such questions! We do not hide anything. We present our Organisation in detail, we talk about our internal communication, we describe the requirements in detail, we verify the candidate’s attitude and skills, both job-specific and teamwork and change-management skills – so that the new team member can be sure that they will feel comfortable with us. We make promises that we deliver on. The development path of each team member is based on empowerment, mutual motivation, communication and joint implementation of HemPoland strategy.


Remote work

We work remotely. For real. We implemented remote work arrangements all the way back in 2018. It makes no difference to us whether you decide to work in the office, from your own home or from your friend’s apartment. In 2020, everyone was talking about remote work, but no one really implemented it. It was just another empty platitude. We have always talked a lot with each other and meticulously complete our tasks, but we do not all have to work in one office at the same time. During meetings, we do not ask: “Where are you?” but “How are you?”, “How can I help you?”, “What are we going to work on together today?”.



Some say that good internal communication is a topic that requires no support these days. They couldn’t be more wrong. We believe that there is always room for improvement! With a correct flow of knowledge and information in internal communication, we can support our colleagues and streamline their performance, while making our organisation’s work more effective. Internal communication at HemPoland includes:

  • everyday information flow: document circulation;
  • information flow (e.g. internal rules and organisational processes);
  • change management;
  • knowledge sharing , i.e. internal training and continuous information exchange;
  • Yammer, Intranet, notice boards – our internal communication tools.

At every stage, we make every effort to ensure that the flow of knowledge and information at HemPoland goes smoothly, and each and every process is friendly to all stakeholders.

Internal communication at HemPoland is not limited to the tools for transmitting messages and information. Communication is also about sharing knowledge and creating processes that improve everyday activities. It is also cooperation within departments and across teams.


Career path

We agree on all things together. We treat each other as equals, adults and conscious participants in social life. We discuss professional development plans and jointly implement them – starting from the recruitment stage.



At HemPoland, we create policies and procedures that provide us with a sense of security, equality and a perfect understanding of all regulations. Our documents are clear and understandable. We always consult their content with colleagues to make sure that we have taken into account all of the needs of HemPoland team members. We also make sure to clearly define behaviours and actions that are not accepted in our organisation, such as discrimination and mobbing.


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