As certified legal entity entitled to receive hemp from its farmers we offer them a possibility to contract a hemp plantation. To farmers with whom we collaborate we offer all kinds of help: from obtaining seminal material, through agrotechnical and legal advice, assistance in harvest up to purchase of the  raw material for a fair price.

Years of experience in cultivating hemp in every corner of Poland has allowed us to select and offer seeds of the best European strains. It is crucial to chose the most viable strain, by doing so farmers reduce possible difficulties with harvest and guarantee themselves the highest possible yield without the necessity of using the advanced (and pricey) equipment. The strains we offer grow up to 1,5 – 2 meters in our climatic zone, a height that allows to harvest it with a conventional header.




The first step to begin collaboration with us is to send the inquiry to We would need you to provide us with he basic information: situation and the area of the field on which you plan to grow. The minimal areal allowing us to start a co-op is 25 ha.

Between August and September we will provide a candidate with information regarding the prices and the specific conditions of the collaboration, after this, as soon as in October the selected partners will be contacted in order to discuss further details of the contract.

As soon as the collaborations starts, the farmers are not required to deal with any formalities anymore. As their representatives we will take care of process of applying for a legal permission from the government.

Growing hemp is a particularly easy and rewarding job – for both farmer and the soil. Not only there is no need to use any means of protecting the plants – it is forbidden! This basically means that all the farmer is required to do is to prepare the soil, seed and harvest. As to the first tep – according to farmers we are working with already it is a wise idea to plough the soil deep in the winter, especially on the stances affected with the water shortages. However, the recent experiments with a no-ploughing cultivation have also brought promising results.

Hemp is sown in the late April using the regular planters. We recommend to apply the 15 – 30 kg seeding standard and the fertilizing scheme for the wheat cultivation. As the strains we offer are already selected from the best European ones to best fit the climate in Poland and you can expect the crop to be high, the recommended method of collecting it is to use a high-performance wheat combine harvesters