As certified legal entity licensed to buy and process hemp, we offer farmers the possibility to contract a hemp plantation. To farmers with whom we collaborate we offer all kinds of help: from obtaining seminal material, through agrotechnical and legal advice, assistance in harvest up to purchase of the raw material for a fair price.



HemPoland offers a variety of hemp products and raw materials. We supply top quality hemp seeds for food and cosmetics industries. We are also able to deliver unprocessed hemp straw as well as hemp fibres and shives developed specifically to meet the requirements of our clients.



Top quality golden hemp extracts rich in CBD and other naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids (including e.g., CBD, CBG, CBDv, β-kariofilen). All extracts are produced in our own facility using cutting- edge technology (CO2 extraction) under supervision on PhD scientist with vast experience in food and pharma industries

About us

HemPoland is the first private company in Poland to obtain a state license allowing it to grow and manufacture Cannabis Sativa. “Go big or go home” – hence, since the very beginning we aim to develop dynamically and introduce innovative solutions on the global scale. Our team consists of several dozen experts in various fields, their international experience, passion and commitment guarantee the top quality of the production process. Thanks to this meticulous production control our flagship product – CannabiGold oil gained well-deserved internatonal recognition in many European countries (e.g., the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and the UK).

Jarosław Szulfer, PhD

Head of Research

PhD in pharmaceutics, Gdańsk Medical University graduate. Worked in quality control department. Possesses a thorough knowledge on requirements for medical products and over ten years of experience in R&D department in the industry – he worked as a chief of R&D of the biggest pharmaceutical company in Poland. Szufler is an expert in various analysis and separation techniques (extraction, chromatography etc.). He has also co/written a number of pharmcopeiac papers and monographies.

Joanna Hull

Head of Production

MSc Eng. in Environmental Sciences from the Gdansk University of Technology. Hull has a lot of experience in supercritical extraction technologies of various plant materials.  She supervised of over 5000+ hemp extraction cycles. She specialize in background of cannabis analytical methods and quality assurance (cannabinoid profiling, contamination screening).


Jacek Kramarz

Chief of Sales department

Kraków University of Economics graduate. Passionate about hemp, and a great supporter of its industrial applications. He has earned his stripes in management consulting field in Vienna where he coordinated, among others, international projects tackling complex changes in companies ownership and their restructuring. Licensed securities broker.